Let’s take part in LaFairy amazing Dinner on Top Deck

Travelling in Vietnam, you must not miss visiting Halong Bay not only because of its beauty but also because of what you do in that destination and taking a cruise tour is the best way to explore and admire the beauty of Halong Bay–the Masterpiece of Mother Nature. And, among many cruises in Halong, LaFairy Sails promises to be the best choice for you to see the magnificent legendary Bay with an isolated routine. Not only sight-seeing and taking activities, with LaFairy, tourists will join an exceptional experience, Dinner on Top Deck, which makes a memory for you to cherish forever.


With an elegant “restaurant and bar” for an exclusive dining experience, the boat’s top deck serves as an impeccable spot to appreciate dinner under the light of a thousand of stars and be charmed with a bay skyline at night or the fabulous 360 degree panoramic view of Halong Bay which is limited for a dinner inside the boat as many other cruises are operating. Decorated with many candles and light balls, the top deck provides an intimate setting for a romantic dinner with a loved one or with newfound friends, or just a place to relax with a glass of wine to celebrate this stunning beautiful bay.


It’s not only that you will have magnificent and amazing views but you will also be served with great tasted food with beautiful performance. What you do is just going upstairs to the top deck, sitting down, treating yourself to a unique dining experience in the best restaurant on the boat and enjoying some fresh atmosphere above. The LaFairy Sail staffs do a great job preparing their food that’s tailored to your personal needs. Get your camera and your stomach ready because there will be many photos you must take and much delicious food you cannot resist.

It's obviously hard not to have a good time when you're eating and surrounded by not only stunning skyline views but live traditional music played by the folk artist throughout the night below the twinkling chandeliers as well. And it will be not easy to decide if this is more about dinner or about the scenic experience as both were extremely fantastic.

From the moment you board, you realize that you are embarking on a special occasion. And until you wave goodbye, you can relax in the knowledge that all of your needs are taken care of. The wooden boutique boat, traditional music performances, personalized service and splendid panoramic views of Halong bay are a must do for visitors or for those celebrating a special event. Come and join us for a marvelous cruise, LaFairy promises to make you an unforgettable vacation that you had hoped for.


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A day cruise on the LaFairy Sails is the best choice for you to experience the magnificent Halong Bay with our “all-in-one” itinerary for a limited time schedule.

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