Joining a Halong Bay tour, there will be no experience entirely as honest to goodness as being local fishermen and doing as they do every day. Meeting some of the area's fishermen, taking in a touch of local fishing loreand seeing what lies underneath these quiet and peaceful waters will make you an unforgettable day and its magnificence never tiring the eye.

On the second day in LaFairy’s 3 days/2 nights cruise,you have a chance to figure out how to go seaward fishing on local fishing boat; participate in fishing activities with local people; have a go at using fishing gears and put yourself in a real fishing life. All of those are under guidance from a genuine local fisherman, whose face is sunburned because of their hard living.

Fishing has been a lifestyle for quite a long time here and proceeds right up 'til today. Indeed, even with the deluge of tourism it is still the most essential wage hotspot for most of the occupants of Halong.They live in the floating village and go fishing every day.You will be accompanied by our English speaking guide cuminterpreter so you can ask the fisherman anything about life on the bay.

The fishing trip starts when you are transferred to a local fishing boat, designed in traditional style and experience making noise, casting the fish net and get your results as a real fisherman.After finding your catch, grill it there and then on the boat with the fisherman or take it back to be set upby our chef at the boat restaurant.

What's more, an entire day to be fishermen, you are also taken to CuaVan village area where you can go kayaking to explore every corner of the Bay and then swimming and relaxing on the beach.

After the fishing trip, on the way back to main boat, you will visit Pearl Farm and your eyes will be feastedlively.Taking a deep look at a typical pearl farm on Halong Bay and you will know more about how to make real pearls from nature creatures in Halong.

From going fishing to practicing typical activities as local people do every day, all of them are the best and the core esteem on getting insights of the local life there. You may comprehend and adore Halong Bay, by the excellence of nature, as well as the magnificence of fishermen who keep vitality for years in Halong Bay.Our fishing trips create the honest to goodness sentiment of being a fisherman on these waters, and make an energizing and fascinating outing for all travelers.

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