Let's begin a new day with Tai Chi lesson onboard LaFairy

Being an internal martial art of traditional Chinese culture, Tai Chi is appreciated in stimulating health,preventing or easing many ills of aging, developing battle and self-defense skills, improving concentration and longevitythrough its soft, controlled movements. This gentle form of exercise, which has been called “meditation in motion”, uses a series of movements performed in a moderate, centered way and joined by profound breathing to diminish the anxiety after a busy day.

It is said that practicing Tai Chi in a quiet time and tranquil place with open fresh air in the profound fixation and inward peace air is an extraordinary component to instigate the body into an adjusted and thoughtful state.Taking part in short Tai Chi exercises on our LaFairy’s sundeck while encompassed by Halong's limestone karsts and natural air is an extraordinary approach to begin a new day. This activity will take your mind completely away from stress.

Our accomplished Tai Chi master will teach you how to utilize the cognizant personality to manage the movements and let it lead the body, as you take in the natural air and watch the sun ascend behind wilderness clad tops. Since Tai chi is low effect and puts negligible weight on muscles and joints, so it might be effortlessly adjusted for anybody, regardless of the fact that you're a more seasoned grown-up who generally may not practice or individuals restricted to wheelchairs or recuperating from surgery.

Beginning the day by an incredible involvement with our Tai Chi lessons on LaFairy's sundeck is certainly a great experience in the cruise. And sailing with us, you will find it by yourself!

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A day cruise on the LaFairy Sails is the best choice for you to experience the magnificent Halong Bay with our “all-in-one” itinerary for a limited time schedule.

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