Visiting Me Cung cave with LaFairy team

In all the caves of Halong bay, Me Cung cave (also known as Bewitching Grotto) is a beautiful one. Me Cung cave is located on an island named Lom Bo about 2 kilometers in the southwest of Ti Top Island, at a height of 25 meters above the sea level. Looking from the distance, the entrance of the cave is like the roof of a house carving deep into the slopes of the island.

After a narrow crack only allowing one person through at a time, Me Cung cave is opened like an underground wonderland with many rocky chambers, some degree little and slender but exceptionally sophisticated, the stones were bearing as the statues, beautiful patterns, colorful stalactites in clusters are drooping from the ceiling, the stone lions, stone bears playing with each other, the stone curtain ran down on the wall.

Threading your way through tight sections, you find a dim light from a remote place which signals the path to another door of the grotto. Following the pathway out of the cave, climbing up several sharp rugged stone stairs and look down, a large round lake surrounded by the mountain appears in the sight. Its water is blue and smooth all year round as a mirror. The lake is home to many kinds of species of clustered organisms such as fish, shrimps, octopuses, algae, see weed and coral. Lying adjacent to the lake is an area of old trees popularly known as an alluring “royal garden”.

It is dry and well-ventilated, and features a thick layer of shells forming the foundation of the entrance. Formerly, this layer was 1.2-meter-thick and semi-fossilized. In the course of research, there was also a fossilized animal’s skeleton discovered in the interior. The evocatively named Me Cung Cave stands out among many caves of Halong Bay for more than just its beauty – it’s also an important archaeological find, where significant prehistoric remains have been found. Scientist have found piles of freshwater seashells along the ground of the cave, which indicates that previous inhabitants lived in the grotto and used the bay as a food source. They believe that these residents lived in the area 7,000 to 10,000 years ago, which they classified as a new culture in the Stone Age. They also found the fossilized remains of an animal in the floor of the cave.

Getting into the grotto, sightseers crave strolling in a palace of a Persian King. Listening to the mumble from out of nowhere, it seems that this is the sound of Scheherazade telling the stories of the Thousands and One Nights for her lord.

On the island, there are numerous aged trees throwing long reflections on the water of the inlet. They are habitats of numerous types of creatures like monkeys, chamois, etc.

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