Cong Tay Island

Cong Tay Island is located in the core area of World Natural Heritage Site, Halong Bay. The island belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay and is about 40 kilometers far from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. Ships and cruises normally run from Cam Pha to the island in about 90 minutes, about 30 minutes by speedboat.

Cong Tay Island is like the Cinderella in fairy tale. It is still mostly untouched and undiscovered by the destructive force of extensive tourism. It is attractive to tourists by a scenic setting of lime-stone mountains and green forest. The beach is also a highlight of the island for quiet atmosphere and beautiful scenery of the nature.

Recently, the infrastructure on Cong Tay Island (including port, guesthouses, restaurant, etc.) is increasingly invested to attract more tourists coming to the island. A hostel system, equipped with restaurants, lies along the beach front of Cong Tay Island. Red bricks pathways, running between 2 lines of coconut trees, pave the walk from the hotel to the beach. Along the beach, you can see hammocks readily hang under the trees, a perfect place to relax, enjoy the sea and read your favorite book. Tourists get totally detached from the real world, getting lost in a strange peaceful land for complete relaxation.

Cong Tay Island is a place that preserved the traces of history, cultural values ​​with the ancient harbor, traces of a top 5 temples and stupas Tran dynasty was built on the island that is not done, Cat temple, pagoda Clumsy Cow Shed, temple, the temple tree Clumsy turn.

The research phase, later excavation of archaeological scientists have clarified further that the West was one of the key locations of the system of Van Don trading port for centuries; a transit point for “Ceramic road” passes through Halong Bay and the district centers of the districts Nguyễn Yao Feng Sites “social community bowl” is still passed down among the people today.

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