Christmas and a happy New Year are coming to Halong Bay

Christmas and New Year Eve, the so important moments of year especially for Western world, are coming soon after the autumn days has come to an end and whether you are celebrating a irreligious or religious Christmas, your day is certain to be completed with pleasure. This is the ideal opportunity for all members in family gather around the sumptuously decorated Christmas tree after a hard working year and then travelling to another country is also an interesting way to enjoy the excellent New Year Eve moment. Considered as one of the ideal destinations all over the world, Halong Bay promises to be one of the top destinations for enjoying an exotic and memorable Christmas and New Year holiday.

If you are considering about the weather, let pack everything up and “fly” to Halong Bay right in this winter and you will never find any better place for spending your holiday. In Halong there is not white snow, frosty wind or chilly ice, what you only observe is an appealing Halong Bay with its primitive beauty of thousands of superb islets and the gently cold wind and sometimes with the sunshine will warm up your winter days. 

The view is worth to envisage in winter than ever since the vast majority of the floristic cover on rock islets and islands in the Bay therapist for a "sleep" to sit tight for the up-coming spring. Therefore, don’t expect to witness the green spreading out the Bay which is the charming of summertime in this place, what can attract you is an intriguing interest like a refined picture of rock natural architectures covered with a mist blanket. What can be more awesome than Standing on the top deck to welcome the very first warm sunshine initializing a new day on your Christmas holiday surrounded with the tranquil beauty of Halong Bay in the fog? This is a deceptive and outstanding image when the mist is gentle on the water surface and only the peaks of rock islets appear.

Christmas and New Year festivities cannot be missed even when you’re cruising in Halong Bay. For this very important event, LaFairy Sails will hold an exceptional and cozy party onboard with delicious seafood dishes, the champagne toast, traditional music show and some cultural games. The festive days and nights are full of joy.  And it can be greater than ever when sharing this memorable moment with other passengers and our crew staffs in the mystical atmosphere of this wonderland. Enjoy the great services of LaFairy Sails so that you can state farewell to the bygone days delightfully and then give a toast to welcome the new pages of life.

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