How to wear for all off-season Halong cruises

Thanks to its location in the Northeastern part of Vietnam, Halong has 4 distinct seasons a year and each season brings for this land unique features and landscapes, promising different experiences. Therefore, before joining a cruise in Halong Bay you should have an overall view of all seasons and think about what you should bring to wear for each different period of time.

Spring and autumn seem to be the best vacation seasons in Halong Bay for visitors since the weather during the 2 periods is moderate and pleasant, ensuring the fullest experience when exploring the legendary Bay. Spring lasts from the middle of February to April, which is referred to as a shoulder season. Temperature during the spring and autumn season ranges from 19oC to 31oC. You should bring light clothes, t-shirt and pants or shorts to ensure the most comfortable stay and activities. There is still the possibility of rainy and foggy conditions during the spring months, but the fog is not so thick as it is in the winter so comfortable shoes and a just-in-case raincoat are recommended.

Summer is also a good time for travelling in Halong Bay with a lot of sunshine and extremely suitable for beach lovers and those who dream of a tanned skin. From May to September, the climate in this narrows is suitable to appreciate sunbathing on white smooth sandy shoreline, or submerging in the turquoise and cool waters. For hot weather, people always come with the temptation to dress in shorts and t-shirts with flip-flops. A pair of sneakers is also required when it comes to sport activities like kayaking and visiting cave. This casual wear is absolutely suitable for outdoor activities but don’t forget your sun cream to avoid sunburn.

Winter comes with dry and cold weather, starts in early November and ends in late January. Then Halong cruises can be very chilly, a heavy jacket and long underwear are recommended, although you probably do not need wool caps or gloves. You should expect rain and make sure everything are waterproof even your shoes since wet and cold feet are very uncomfortable. It is strongly recommended to prepare for cold even when your cruise date is predicted to be warm since the weather in Halong is always unpredictable.

All in all, for any season, you should bring clothes that can layer; for example, a t–shirt for hot weather, a long-sleeve polo shirt for cool, a wind breaker and a medium jacket more for colder weather. More important, you should think about how likely you are to get wet when a lot of activities in a cruise are done outside the sea and you can be chilled to the bone if you happen to get wet. Not only taking in sea activities, it can also happen if it rains. The jacket not only keeps you warm, but also keeps you dry when it is rainy and humid, which is a common in winter in Vietnam.

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