The Boat Launch - LaFairy 5-star luxury boat

LaFairy Sails is a boat tour company founded in 2015 with one and very first traditionally-styled vessel and after some years of operation, we are very happy to receive a lot of nice reviews from guests all over the world. Based on the increasing demand in sea tourism and the fact that visitors are always looking for a wonder destination where still maintains its primitive natural beauty, less touristic or commercialized
, we have brought up an idea of a 5-star brand operated in Lan Ha Bay - named Perla Dawn Sails.

After weeks of designing, the boat layout has been completed and brought to construction. While other boats feed on modern and sophisticated designs and styles, we still maintain the original traditional styled designs with wooden specifics. The boat has 3 floors. The 1st floor stays the lobby and 10 cabins, the 2nd floor comes the bar and restaurant and 8 cabins, the 3rd is spacious top deck.

And after months of sweat, sawdust, and paint, LaFairy Sails team concludes our hard working period with what we have all been waiting for… the Boat Launch. This momentous event, to welcome the very first 5-star boat of the “5-star project”, was held on November 13th, 2017 in Quang Ninh province. Attending the Launch event are staff of LaFairy, staff of the boatworks and the provincial officials, they all gathered to enjoy the fruits of months of extensive, hard labor.

Our 5 star boat is built to serve for tourists travelling in Lan Ha bay, which will be soon brought to operation, promising to be one of the most luxury boat tours in the bay. With modern facilities and professional service, we expect nothing but bringing to our valued guests the best experience while enjoying the bay’s scenery since your satisfaction is our final service goal.

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Halong Bay 1 Day Trip

A day cruise on the LaFairy Sails is the best choice for you to experience the magnificent Halong Bay with our “all-in-one” itinerary for a limited time schedule.

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