The reasons why you should take a cruise in November

Weather is clearly a standout amongst the most bewildering matters on travelling. The bad, lousy weather may thoroughly destroy your excursion, turning a terrific journey into a terrible mess. Vietnam is a long-shaped country with variable climate, ranging from hot, humid summer; mild, temperate spring and autumn to cold, dry winter. Given that reason, the preferable time to enjoy four seasons in one trip is November – there are blue skies aplenty, temperatures are moderate and there's a decent possibility of quiet oceans.

Thanks to the wind originating from China, the weather in Halong Bay gradually turns cooler and dryer. Most trees have freed of their own leaves, leaving places like Halong in a lovely express that must be felt face to face. Amid this winter month, you may encounters temperatures high of up to 24°C and low of 18°C which is still warm and can be delighted in.

As the average temperature drops marginally from the month before, the average monthly rainfall fundamentally drops from 54mm falling to just 12mm falling. With warm temperatures and being one of the driest months, it is an awesome time to explore this well-known vacation destination.

In case you’re a beach person and love to take a plunge into the sea, you will be happy to know that the average sea temperature in November in Halong Bay is 28°C which is the second highest in the year along with May which also has a sea temperature of 28°C. Because the sea temperature is very warm, you will be able to enjoy hours in the sea without feeling uncomfortable. Neither sweat nor chill bother you to reach the finish line and enjoy the scenic view along the course.

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