Want to take stunning photos in Halong bay? Read these tips!

Halong bay is well known around the world by its breathtaking views, which offers a great inspiration for those visiting especially the photo hunters. However, it can also be a challenging location for photography in terms of light and the vast expanse of open space. Do hope those following tips can help you to capture the best photos in the legendary bay.

1. Include A Focal Point

One of the first rules of photography is that you should always include a focal point in your image. The focal point could be a person, a boat, a rock, a sandcastle or footprints in the sand – anything that gives your photo meaning. Including a large expanse of empty space and taking the photo from a distance to keep the focal point small within the composition helps to convey a sense of scale.

2. Include Foreground Interest
This is a great way to make your photo more interesting. Foreground objects engage the viewer and make the composition more dynamic. They also add context to the image, providing the viewer with an insight into what the surroundings looked like

3. Look For Reflections
Water produces some of the most beautiful reflections, and one thing we’re not short of at the beach is water! It may look better if you take the photo from a lower angle. The islets in Halong bay can produce some stunning reflections, especially at sunset.

4. Find Interesting Detail
Look for footprints in the sand, interesting shells or pebbles, seaweed, driftwood, fishing nets or ropes. There are so many textures and intricate details to photograph at the beach once you start looking. Try filling the entire frame with these small details to really give the image impact.

5. Use Lines In Your Composition
Using lines in your composition is one of the most powerful ways to produce incredible photos. Lines could be straight, curved, S-shaped, converging, parallel or diagonal, and ideally they should lead towards your main subject or focal point. Lines could also feature as the main subject of your image

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