Cua Van Fishing Village

When thinking about Halong Bay, the image that frequently crosses people’s minds is the surreal breathtaking mountains rising from the emerald green water. But Halong Bay is not only famous for its world-class caves and grottos but also its outstanding floating fishing villages. One of them is Cua Van fishing village which is on the list of 16 most stunning ancient villages remaining pristine and glamorous beauty over the world, ranked by travel website

Cua Van fishing village is derived from two ancient fishing villages in Halong Bay, namely Giang Vo and Truc Vong village. Along with other islands, it becomes an integral part of Halong Bay. Peacefully situated in a calm bay surrounded by mountains, 20 kilometers away from the tourist boat wharf, Cua Van village is a tranquil heaven for those who want to experience the authentic lives as well as the traditional culture and customs of the fishermen, who live in the World Heritage Area of Halong Bay.

The extremely romantic landscapes here actually deeply leave unique impression in tourists’ mind. The boats covered by eye-catching colors create a shimmering picture bobbing on the immense bay. This habitat has maintained both tangible and intangible marine culture and the lives of the people here have not been disturbed by modern life yet.

Going to Cua Van fishing village, tourists not only are immersed in tranquil, peaceful and incredibly charming space, witness the dreaming nature, ascertain about the cultural life of fishermen but also are directly instructed how to boat, spread the net, and catch the fish by girls right in the fishing village. In addition, tourists are easily attracted by the beauty of these boats, the bamboo nets parking in front of the homes, the houses closely tying together against the storm, the frank and simple-minded fishermen but extremely hospitable, kids with their cheerful and innocent smile. The gentle and peaceful scenery contains the pristine beauty of the fishing village on the waters.

As the largest fishing village in Halong Bay (the others are Ba Hang, Vong Vieng and Cap La), Cua Van has a population of 733 in 176 households. They live on floating houses and call fishing their “bread and butter”. Cua Van can be considered the “wealthiest” village in Ha Long Bay. Their floating houses look spacious and clean. People took turns rotating scavenging sailing on the sea everyday, water savings reduce the amount of waste to the marine environment.

The village boasts a training establishment for their children. Over an area of 150m2 lies four classrooms and one small room for teachers. They are the very first floating classrooms in Halong. At present, Cua Van has 7 classes, mainly in grade 1 and grade 2. The youngest pupil is 8, while the oldest one is 17.

It is interesting to see the rambunctious children going to “school”. Their bustling calling and their flopping rowing lives up the atmosphere of the quite bay. Looking at the small boats driven by tiny oars going to school, and the radiant faces of the children, one feels confident in a bright future for the fishing village.

All above experiences will attach memorable moments in the journey discovering Halong Bay travel and Cua Van floating fishing village will promisingly become one of the impressive spots in the trips to Halong Bay.

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