Ti Top Beach

Got its name from Ghermann Titov, a former Soviet Union hero, Ti Top Island displays a beach shaped like a crescent moon embracing the mountain and sand that has been washed to a snowy white by the tide.

In 1962, this tiny island had the honour of receiving a visit from astronaut Ghermann Titov, a hero of the former Soviet Union, accompanied by President Ho Chi Minh. in order to mark this event and express good relationship between Vietnam and Soviet Union, Uncle Ho named the place Ti Top Island. It has now become an attractive beach for tourists and the name Titop is very famous in Vietnam but little people know the former names of this island.

Located about 14 kilometers east from Bai Chay Wharf, Ti Top Beach takes the shape of a crescent encompassing the island. Because Titop island has coast with one side being abrupt and another side being smooth sands sloping gently to the sea, many cruises and small boats often stop hear so that tourists can swim and relax on this beautiful small island. Besides, tourists also have a chance to climb to the top of island and take a panorama view of the Bay from a watch gazebo, which is one of the highlights of the island and the bay.

Small though it might be, Ti Top wins kudos for its quiet and airy atmosphere, as well as its alluring landscape. View from above of the island; Ti Top has the moon shape which is gently embracing the whole islet among vast sea sky. It is surrounded by rocks and trees of green forest cover along the sea, one side is colored mountains.

Different from other tourist attractions of Ha Long bay, Titop Island not only has romantic landscapes but also has a charmingly beautiful beach that is in green in four seasons with open space, boasts pristine white sand, clear and blue water and small waves all year round, which make it ideal for recreational activities like swimming and other sea sports. Swimming at Ti Top Beach is really enjoyable. This beach is very beautiful and is well worth a visit to cool off when the heat starts to get to you.

The island has become a popular tourist destination. On summer holidays, the famous beach of Ti Top Island cools off visitors heading to Quang Ninh Province and you will surely have a chance to join in an interesting journey to the natural wonder.


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