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LaFairy Sails would like you to join us for a breathtaking voyage in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay.

LaFairy Sails - 4* boutique wooden boats in Halong Bay. Over the years, we are happy to receive positive feedback from the customers. That has been a great motivation to encourage us in developing our business.

In an ongoing effort to offer our distinguished guests the best cruise experience available, we had just launched our brand new travel experience - Perla Dawn Sails and V'Spirit Premier Cruises -  luxury 5* cruises in Lan Ha Bay areaa northern part of Halong Bay.

In order to focus on new & luxurious products, we have stopped LaFairy Sails and hope to welcome you on Perla Dawn Sails and V'Spirit Premier Cruises!


A LaFairy cruise will take you through Halong Bay’s natural wonders, and beyond into less traveled waters, all while you enjoy luxurious accommodations on one of our newly-built, traditionally-styled vessels. Our company name is inspired by one of the thousands of caves in Halong Bay – a magical cave with a hidden lake where they say fairies come to bathe. Our goal is to share that magical feeling with you.

On your voyage you will view thousands of the stunning limestone (karst) formations that make Halong Bay famous, and explore a unique and beautiful cave in the less accessible area of the Bay. Our friendly, attentive staff will guide you on an adventurous kayaking trip to Ngoc Trai area, and when weather permits, to a sandy beach where you can swim and relax in the sun.

Throughout our LaFairy cruise, you will enjoy the flavors of freshly caught and cooked seafood and other delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes, and see a unique fruit carving demonstration by one of our chefs.

In the evening, after a sumptuous meal served in a dining room with panoramic views of the natural surroundings, relax with a drink on our open-air deck while watching the sun set and the stars come out. At bedtime, retreat to your cozy, air-conditioned cabin with its luxurious appointments, private bathroom and picture windows.

Visiting Halong Bay with LaFairy Sails will surely be one of the most memorable parts of your visit to Vietnam. Enjoy Halong Bay with an unforgettable LaFairy cruise: We sail your vacations!

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Halong Bay 1 Day Trip

A day cruise on the LaFairy Sails is the best choice for you to experience the magnificent Halong Bay with our “all-in-one” itinerary for a limited time schedule.

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