Lan Ha Bay – a beautiful poetic bay

Being a World Heritage site, Halong Bay is famous for its stunning caves and island, and no one can be doubtful about the beauty of Halong. Thousands of people have traveled here and come back every year. But actually there is another place even offers you much more. It’s Lan Ha bay which is in the south of Halong Bay and take you only 2 hours to get there. Known as twin of Ha Long bay, Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba Island is an undiscovered land and water of blooming tourism in Vietnam in the last decade.

Lan Ha Bay, home of Cat Ba Island, spreads over an area of more than 7,000 ha, of which 5,400 ha is under the management of Cat Ba National Park. The waters here are home to hundreds of species of fish and marine life. Larger marine animals in the area include seals and even three species of dolphin.

While the administrative boundaries place Lan Ha Bay within Hai Phong Province (not Quang Ninh Province, to which Halong Bay belongs), the similarity in its formations, with some 400 islets scattered over the area, means that locals and tourists alike mutually acknowledge it as a part of the vast Halong Bay zone.

Unlike its famous twin, Lan Ha Bay reserves a more pristine scenery with an intense concentration of limestone mountains which the sea surface has partitioned into smaller bays and gulfs. The Bay is home to hundreds of mounts of which forms and beauty are completely different depending on travelers’ imagination: Guoc islet (Wooden Shoe islet), Doi islet (Bat grotto), etc. With over a hundred of beautiful, small beaches lying at the feet of the mountains, there is no problem finding a good spot for swimming, or organizing a private beach BBQ or overnight camp. Just imagine, after a long day of exploration in caves and grottos, you can totally relax while bathing in the azure waters and breathing the salty sea breeze of Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay has gradually gained popularity thanks to its unspoiled and magnificent natural beauty, and as people look for pristine, less crowded destinations. Just 30 minutes by boat from Cat Ba Island, you will be charmed by breathtaking views of the bay and soon you will forget all the stresses of your busy life. Wandering on the azure-blue beach, breathing in the ocean breeze, enjoying the tropical sunlight, visiting pearl farm, along with a kayaking trip, rock climbing and maybe even some fishing, your trip to Lan Ha Bay will surely be a highlight in your trip in Vietnam and become a long lasting memory.

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